Swinburne University of Technology Sarawak Campus

Pre-arrival information


Upon acceptance of the offer, the Human Resources (HR) unit will assist the new staff in applying for the Employment Pass and Dependant Pass (if required). Applying for an Employment Pass is a must for all non-Sarawakians. The contract of employment is subject to the approval of the Employment Pass, where the issuance of such pass is strictly at the approval of the Sarawak Immigration Department. Should the Employment Pass be rejected by the Sarawak Immigration Department for whatever reason, the contract shall automatically become null and void.

Employment Pass Application

An Employment Pass is issued to the non-Sarawakian to enable him / her to stay and work legally in Sarawak.

Upon acceptance of appointment, the non-Sarawakian is required to courier the signed copy of Offer of Employment Letter. Apart from that, the softcopy of the following documents must be emailed to HR:

  1. Scanned copy of your passport (from first page to the last page);
  2. Softcopy of passport-sized photograph; and
  3. Pre-employment medical check-up report.

If the non-Sarawakian is accompanied by his spouse and dependents, a Dependant Pass must be applied for each individual. The University will assist in submitting the application. However, Sarawak Immigration Department has imposed restriction on non-Sarawakians with monthly remuneration amount below RM5,000.00 whereby they are not allowed to bring their dependant(s) to live in Sarawak. For the application of the Dependant Pass, the following documents are required:

  1. Scanned copies of passport (from first page to the last page, for each dependant)
  2. Softcopy of passport-sized photographs (for each family member)
  3. Certified translated version of Birth certificate(s) for child / children (if original document is in language other than English or Bahasa Malaysia)
  4. Certified translated version of Marriage certificate (if original document is in language other than English or Bahasa Malaysia)

Documents listed above must reach HR within two (2) weeks after acceptance of the offer of employment. Should the document be submitted later than the expected time frame, the approval of Employment Pass from the Sarawak Immigration Department may be delayed. Hence your joining date could be affected as well.

For more information on the visa requirement for employment by country of origin, please refer tohttp://www.imi.gov.my/.

For more information on the Dependant Pass, please refer to http://www.imi.gov.my/.

For more information on working permit for spouse of Malaysian citizen, please refer tohttp://www.imi.gov.my/.

Driving in Malaysia

All vehicles in Malaysia are driven on the left side of the road. You can convert your country’s driving licence to a Malaysian driving licence within 90 days upon arrival. Some nationals can convert their driving licence directly while others may need to convert their driving licences to an international driving licences  in their residing country prior to arriving in Malaysia.

Post and courier services in Malaysia

The Malaysian postal service is known locally as Pos Malaysia. Letters and packages are graded and charged according to weight, size and distance. A full list of Pos Malaysia’s locations, services and postage rates can be found at www.pos.com.my.

Along with standard postal services, the premium service offered by Pos Malaysia is Poslaju, which literally means fast post. If you are sending a letter or package as far as from Europe or the United States, under normal circumstances it takes 3 – 4 days to arrive with Poslaju. The other option is to use a private courier service. There are quite a few available in Malaysia, both national and international companies such as DHL, Fed Ex and City Link.