3 May 2023

Uncover Open Day Secrets When You Ask The Right Questions

By Communications Team

When you visit an Open Day, do you just go with the flow?

When visiting an Open Day, make the most of the experience by asking the right quuestions

Take control of your Open Day experience from the moment you step on campus

Instead of just going with the flow during an Open Day, why not take control of the experience and make the most out of it?

During a Swinburne Sarawak Open Day, our academic staff look forward to and even encourage in-depth interaction between students, their parents and themselves. They want to get to know you, their prospective student, beyond the typical tutorial class small talk. So, maximize the day by asking questions that help you discover more about the program and if it’s a good fit for you. 

When Questions Matter

1. What makes a successful student?
This question shows that you’re ready and excited to learn. Asking this question would also show your enthusiasm for wanting to know more than what’s offered. It’s an empowering question, even if you don’t enrol with us (but we hope you would eventually!)

Open Days can help you answer questions you need to make a great career choice.

At Open Days, ask questions that can help you decide if the university meets your expectations

What’s the teaching style at Swinburne?
Our academic staff have their own unique way of teaching. As much as possible, they want to get to know you more so that they can tailor their teaching to how you learn the best. Knowing your lecturers’ teaching style also helps you prepare for their class too.

3. What’s the best way to tackle a Swinburne exam?
We’re more than happy to share all the best study tips and tricks that we’ve gained and developed throughout our careers. Undeniably some may not work for you as an individual, but who knows? You may be able to adapt them as you go along in life.

Our Open Days help you familiarise yourself with a learning style that suits you best

4. What should every student experience while with Swinburne?
From studying abroad to serving the Swinburne student community as a member of the Swinburne Sarawak Student Council (SSSC), you’ll definitely get many suggestions. All that’s left would be for you to join these clubs and activities.

5. What’s the average class size?
It is important to know what the average class size would be at Swinburne as each person has a different learning style. This also helps to determine if the program you’re interested in is a good fit for you. 

6. Do academic staff have regular office hours for a one-on-one meeting with a student?
Some academic staff make themselves more accessible to students than others, some may not. This is mainly due to class schedules, meetings etc. Nonetheless, this is a good question to ask as it can help you in managing your studies etc.


7. Is there a capstone/industry project, or internship required for a particular program?
Your inquiry on this matter shows your enthusiasm for the program. And it may help you stand out from among your peers because your lecturer would most certainly remember your eagerness for an internship

A few final recommendations

At Open Days, current students are a wonderful source of information

At Open Days, speak to current students about their study experience 

Make a list of useful contacts. You’re bound to have more questions when you leave the campus. So make sure you know who you can call/email to get these questions answered.

Try to see as much of Swinburne Sarawak as you can. Open Day is for just that, where you’ll be able to view off-limits facilities and areas under the guidance of the Campus Tour team.

Speak to current students. Ask them about their study experience and student life in general. You can ask about what they think of the program, why they picked Swinburne or you can even ask about what they usually do at the weekends.

Excited to have all your questions answered? Why not drop by our Open Day this Saturday 6 May?

See you there!

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