Internship allows Swinburne Sarawak current students to experience real work environment and gain a competitive edge while studying. It’s done during study break for 8 weeks.

At Internship Host, current students will be able to practise theories and case studies into real work scenario, thus able to adapt to the challenges and demands in the work environment.

Getting ready for an internship experience

  • A current student selects a preferred internship host through his or her own search.
  • A current student consults Employability team to identify a preferred employer partner as an internship host.
  • Employability team provides the current student with careers advisory services.

Student responsibility in internship experience

  • Write a resume and a cover letter for the internship application.
  • Contact the preferred internship host as to obtain relevant information about the internship requirements prior to interviewing for the intern position.
  • Secure the internship by following-up with the internship host in a timely manner. We recommend the follow-up should be 6 weeks before the formal internship period/study break.
  • The internship must relate to an academic program.
  • A non-engineering current student is expected to have completed and passed 12 core units which is equivalent to acquiring 150 credit points before applying for an internship by checking his or her enrolment status with the discipline leader.
  • An engineering current student is expected to consult and liaise with the Industrial Placements Coordinator at the School of Engineering and Science for the compulsory completion of the unit EAT20008 Professional Experience in Engineering.
  • A current engineering student who has successfully completed the unit EAT20008 Professional Experience in Engineering and he or she wishes to gain further internship experience through a non-assessed internship may apply for an internship application letter after the Employability team has verified the student’s unit completion status with the Industrial Placements Coordinator (Engineering).
  • Participate in and gain exposures to real work assignments and decisions.
  • Perform all tasks assigned to him or her to the best of his or her ability, to meet all standards of his or her work and to abide by policies, procedures and work schedules established by the internship host.

Internship Application

  • Current student completes an Internship Application Letter.
  • The current student is expected to send the internship application letter together with the reviewed resume and reviewed cover letter to the preferred internship host.

Internship Offer

  • A current student who has accepted an offer from an internship host, or whose internship application has been approved by an internship host must immediately inform the Employability team within 5 working days after accepting the internship offer.

Internship Insurance Coverage

Internship Host Declaration

  • It is expected that the internship host to provide a safe work environment, meaningful industry-engaged learning, effective mentoring via a supportive line supervisor, a detailed orientation, necessary resources, training, and personal protective equipment, and local resolutions when work issues arise.

Internship Report (requirement for the Swinburne Emerging Leader Award)

  • The Emerging Leader Program provides recognition for the broad range of experiences and skills that you develop during your internship.
  • 2 weeks after the end of internship period, the intern is encouraged to submit an internship report including his or her evaluation of internship experience to the internship host and to Employability team.
  • The intern writes the internship report using STAR format. The STAR stands for Situation, Task, Action and Results.
  • The STAR format details activities and task that the intern has accomplished while doing internship and the results or the influence the intern has had on the internship host.
  • This step is applicable only to current students who are interested to apply for the Swinburne Emerging Leader Award.

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