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FAQ for Current Students

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Study in Semester 1, 2021

Applies to all students

How will my classes be delivered?

We expect that COVID-19 will still be a part of our lives this year. So we’ll continue to remain flexible and responsive to changes to ensure we’re following all government directives.

Pending any significant changes, this is how we expect your studies will run in 2021:

  • For students currently in Kuching, some selected classes will be delivered within the COVIDSafe parameters, as a combination of on-campus and digital learning.
  • For outstation students currently not in Kuching (this includes Non-Sarawakian & International students), studies will continue to be delivered digitally in the current format.
  • On-campus learning activities; such as tutorials, studios and labs, will be conducted in smaller groups.
  • Digital learning activities will mostly include theory-based learning activities and large-group learning activities, like lectures.
  • The combination of digital and on-campus study will be designed to ensure that you can continue to meet the learning outcomes required for each of your units, and make the most of the many opportunities available to you as a Swinburne student.

For more information about your class delivery, visit your unit outline in CANVAS.

Swinburne students who want to discuss their study options are advised to speak to their unit convenor or discipline leader in the first instance.

What if I am unable to attend any on-campus classes?

Students unable to attend class on campus are advised to speak to their unit convenor or discipline leader in the first instance. All on-campus learning activities will have an online alternative where possible for students who cannot attend class on campus e.g. International students, Non-Sarawakian students.

If an on-campus element is unavoidable, students are advised to then look to choose another study unit.

Will the unit I am enrolled in be held on campus in Semester 1, 2021?

Classes will be delivered within the COVIDSafe parameters, and for most students this will include a combination of on-campus and digital learning. We will not be able to hold lectures full time on campus based on current COVIDSafe directions from the government.

The combination of on-campus and digital learning will be designed to ensure that you can continue to meet the learning outcomes required for each of your units, and make the most of the many opportunities available to you as a Swinburne student.

I am in enrolled but I cannot register into a class. What do I do?

If you’re having trouble registering into a class, it usually means the class is full. New places become available in full classes from time to time. If you’re keen on a particular class time, check My class timetable every now and then to see if a new place has opened up.

I have a timetable clash, what do I do?

If the classes you have chosen are clashing, you will need to change one of them. Go to My class timetable and swap into a different class. If there are no other class times available and you can’t avoid a clash, you will need to change one of the units you’re enrolled in.

Check your course planner to choose another unit or you may consult your discipline leader for an alternative unit.

2021 Enrolments and Timetable

When can I register for my 2021 units?

For Semester 1 2021 (Mar/Apr2021), the registration and other important dates can be viewed HERE. Do keep yourself updated by checking CANVAS and your student email frequently.

Where can I get help with my 2021 enrolment and timetable?

If you need help with your enrolment or timetable, you may email the Students’ Records team at enrolment@swinburne.edu.my or join the Registration Week Virtual Helpdesk.

Please email SIC@swinburne.edu.my for further info on the Virtual Helpdesk.

Results and Grade Point Average (GPA)

Applicable for Semester 2, 2020 Results

Results and Grade Point Average (GPA)



How does the Covid-19 pandemic affect my overall studies in Semester 2, 2020?

Students who fail this semester (Semester 2, 2020) will not have their fail grades recorded on their academic transcript and any fail grades this semester will not have an impact on your grade point average (GPA).

I have failed units in Semester 2 2020 (Sep2020 or Oct2020).

Thus, will it affect my GPA and CGPA calculation?

All fail grades will be EXCLUDED from your Semester 2 2020 GPA & CGPA calculation. It will also NOT be reflected in your Academic Transcript.

Click HERE for more info on our Grading Scale and Result Categories.

What should I do with these failed units?

You need to REPEAT it in the subsequent semester(s); You will be charged fees for the unit; and Not able to progress to a unit that the failed unit is a prerequisite for.

Why is the failed unit(s) still reflected on my Student Portal?

It is mainly for record purposes. Student also can track their progress accurately and re-enroll into the unit if required.

Do I still need to pass the pre-requisite unit I failed in order to enroll into the requisite unit?

Yes, you must successfully complete your pre-requisite unit before you can enroll into the requisite unit.

Do these fail grades exemption apply to all programs?

Yes, including postgraduate coursework program.

However, it is NOT APPLICABLE for Postgraduate (Research), Single Unit of Study and Intensive English.

If I obtained DEF – Deferred or GNS – Grade Not Submitted or any other temporary grades, will it be reflected in the Academic Transcript?

Temporary Grade is not permanent, thus, it will not be reflected in your Academic Transcript.

What happens if I have a ‘Deferred’, ‘DEF’ and SPX grade at the time of result publication for my study period? Can I request for my unit grades to be omitted from my GPA calculation when the ‘DEF’ and SPX result is resolved?

Yes, as long as the pass result is recorded after 1 April 2020; and your request is made within 10 business days after your results are finalised and made available to you on My Results on your Student Portal.

How will my honours merit calculation be affected by COVID-19 disruptions?

Your honours calculation will not be negatively impacted due to your results for studies completed in teaching periods or semesters where teaching transitioned online.

Results recorded during these teaching periods will only be included in your honours calculation if they contribute positively to your GPA. In other words, only unit results higher than your GPA average will be taken into account for your honours calculation.

The ‘no disadvantage’ principle will apply to all forms of honours calculation at Swinburne.

Can I omit any passing grades from the GPA/CGPA and honours calculation?

Yes, you can. The application is within 10 working days after results publication.

The application form is available HERE.

How are my Semester 2, 2020 (Sep2020 or Oct2020) results assessed and calculated?

This info is available HERE.

Do all my units contribute to my grade point average (GPA)?

The grade point average calculation only applies to units where you receive a mark from 1-100 and grades from N-HD.

Any UNGRADED grades such as COMP or NCOM will not contribute to the grade point average calculation. This also applies to the TEMPORARY Grades such as SPX, DEF and GNS.

What if I believe that my GPA has been calculated incorrectly and is taking my 2020 fail result(s) into account?

GPA calculations are generated using an automated report, so it is an unlikely an error has been made.

However, if you strongly believe that the GPA has been calculated incorrectly, please first check the GPA calculation. To do this first identify which units should be included in the GPA then use the formula to ensure that it has calculated correctly.

If the calculation still appears to be incorrect, please forward your calculation to Assessment and Student Progression via email at erm@swinburne.edu.my for further investigation.

Can I still be granted a conceded pass for a failed unit taken under these new conditions?

Yes, all students that meet the criteria for a conceded pass in a failed unit will be granted one.

I received a fail result for a 2020 unit, however, I have had my work re-marked and have now passed the unit.

Will the pass result be added back onto my transcript and be included in my GPA calculation?

Yes, your final mark will be amended to a pass using the university’s result amendment process and your pass result will be included on your Academic Transcript.

I withdrew from my 2020 unit after the census date and was given a withdrawn fail (WF) result.

Will this result be omitted from my GPA calculation and removed from my official transcript?

Yes, all fail results will be removed from academic transcripts and omitted from GPA calculations.

How will I know that my result will not count as part of my GPA calculation?

Once the request has been approved, your results (HD, D, C etc.) will still be displayed on your Statement of Results.

However, the particular result/s you request not to be used in your GPA calculation will have an asterisk added to the code (HD*, D*, C* etc.).

This asterisk will ensure that the result is excluded from your GPA calculation.

Can I change my mind about having a result removed from my GPA calculation?

Yes, students can withdraw this at any time during the course of their degree by emailing the Assessment and Student Progression team at erm@swinburne.edu.my.

If I request for one of my unit grades to be omitted from my GPA calculation, does this mean all my unit grades will be omitted from my GPA calculation also?

No, you may choose the individual units from a given semester that you would like to be omitted from your GPA calculation.

This will not impact the other results you achieved during the same study period.

I currently have a passed grade that is included in my GPA and I have recently completed my course. Am I able to have this pass grade omitted and my GPA recalculated?

Yes, as long as the pass result is recorded after 1 April 2020 and all results in your latest teaching period are published.

However, do take note that this will decrease the number of units attempted and MAY impact your GPA calculation.

Is there a maximum number of units that I am able to request to omit from my GPA calculation?

No, as long as they meet the criteria for having a result omitted from your GPA calculation as per the above question.

I am transferring to a different Swinburne course, will my omitted grades be transferred over and omitted from my new GPA for this new course?

As the unit is an internal course transfer (TRF), this will not be calculated as part of your GPA in your new course.

Where can I find further information on how my GPA is calculated?

Click HERE for more details.

Can I rescind a conceded pass?

Yes, you can rescind your conceded pass at any time during your course enrolment.

Please request to do so by submitting the Application for Conceded Pass within an adequate timeframe.

I am close to completing my course, but I failed a unit.

Can I still apply for a supplementary assessment – last to complete for the failed unit?

Yes, you can apply for a supplementary assessment for the failed 2020 unit if you meet the criteria to be granted a last to complete.

The assessment will takes place as per scheduled in the Academic Calendar. If passed, you will be awarded a grade of SP – Passed Supplementary with the maximum marks of 50.

What if I fail my Last to Complete – Supplementary assessment?

If you do not pass your supplementary assessment successfully, your final result will be recorded as a SN – Failed Supplementary with a numerical mark that equates to your percentage mark out of 100 for just that supplementary assessment.

Like all other fail results recorded from April 2020 onwards, this SN fail will not be included in your GPA calculation and will not be reflected on your academic transcript.

Will I be assessed for Academic Progress Review?

Yes, any failed units will be taken into consideration in Student Academic Progress. (Please refer to Appendix A)

However, the challenge presented by COVID-19 will be considered in any progress decisions with the university focusing on the provision of academic and personal support for students who have had their studies disrupted.

An Academic Advisor, who will provide support related to Academics OR a Student Counsellors for non-academic related matters, may contact you.

I am unhappy with my unit result as I believe that I submitted assessments that were of a higher quality than the result I received. What should I do?

A request to omit you result from your GPA calculation for this unit may not be the best course of action for you to take if you strongly believe that the work you submitted warranted a higher grade. Please request a recheck or review of your mark instead.

How to go about it?

Please refer to diagram in Appendix B.

How to apply?

Click HERE on how to apply for Local Resolution and Reassessment thereafter.

What happens after Reassessment?

The outcome may change or remain. Any amendment will be reflected in your Student Portal, Academic Transcript and other related documents.

Appendix A

Student Academic Progress (SAP)

Appendix B

Adjustments, Extensions and Special Consideration

As part of the University’s support during this period, below are the available types of adjustment arrangement.

If you are hampered by any of these inconveniences, you may apply HERE. The submission is via email to Assessment and Student Progression team at erm@swinburne.edu.my.

Equitable Assessment Arrangement (EAA)

Alternate Assessment Arrangement (AAA)


Special Consideration


Supplementary Assessment (Last to Complete) – SA (LTC)

What is SA (LTC)?

It is an assessment applicable to those who have obtained a pass result in all units of study for their award except one. It only can be awarded ONCE throughout your program.

Is it for all students?

Not applicable for Foundation, Intensive English, Postgrads (Research), Single Unit of Study (SUS) and those enrolled in a nested course.

What is the main criteria?

Have obtained a pass result in all units of study for your award except one, and have made a *genuine attempt, presented for and failed that unit of study in the final teaching period; or penultimate teaching period if the unit is required to complete the course and is not offered in your final teaching period.

*include fulfilment of all assessment requirements as specified in the unit outline for the unit of study and the achievement of an overall mark of 40% – 49%.

Can I apply for Conceded Pass (CP) after Supplementary Assessment?

No. Results obtained after Supplementary Assessment cannot be utilised to apply for Conceded Pass (CP) although marks are within 45 – 49 and CP never been utilised.

When and how to apply?

Applied within 5 working days after results published. The application form can be obtained HERE.

Conceeded Pass

When and where can I apply Conceded Pass?

Application can be made anytime throughout your study of a program. Click HERE for the application form (use this form if you wish to revoke your Conceded Pass in the future).

Is it for all programs?

Not applicable for Foundation, Intensive English, Postgrads (Research), Single Unit of Study (SUS) and a nested course.

What is the main criteria?

Marks obtained must be within 45 – 49 and has yet to utilise CP throughout their program.

Is it applicable for all unit(s)?

No. CP cannot satisfy a pre-requisite requirement unit i.e. ACC10007 Financial Information for Decision Making, ECO10004 Economic Principles, ENG10003 Mechanics of Structures etc.

Please refer to your Study Planner for details on pre-requisite units.