Equitable assessment arrangements (EAA)

Equitable assessment arrangements (EAA)

Equitable assessment arrangements (EAA) are provided to accommodate students with a disability, medical or other condition.

An EAA is an adjustment or alteration to the standard conditions or format of assessment. It can apply to any formal assessment task or exam described in the Unit of Study Outline.

An EAA does not represent a weakening or lowering of the academic standard being assessed. Students must still meet the inherent requirements of the course and unit.

How to apply

Apply for an EAA by contacting the Counsellor. Where possible you should apply at least four weeks before the first assessment task covered by your application. Applications may be made up until one week after the commencement of a unit of study.

Early application will maximise the University’s ability to provide appropriate support in both the learning and assessment environment.

Applications must include supporting documentation from a health practitioner (example: doctor, psychologist, or social worker) who is treating the condition and is registered with a recognised professional body.


The university may agree to reasonable adjustments to assessment requirements. Possible outcomes of an EAA application include:

  • Flexible conduct and supervision arrangements (e.g. where an examination paper is delivered to a remote location under approved supervision arrangements).
  • Use of ergonomic furniture or special seating arrangements
  • Use of a computer for a traditionally paper-based examination
  • Alternative format examination media (e.g. large print, audio, Braille, electronic)
  • Replace written exams with oral assessment or coursework
  • Additional reading and/or assessment time
  • Rest breaks

Your responsibilities

All communications regarding your application will be via your Swinburne student email account. It is your responsibility to ensure your Swinburne student email account remains able to receive incoming mail, and to check it regularly (especially after you have lodged an application) so you can promptly respond to any requests for action or information.


Please contact the Counselling Services with any questions about your application.