Complaints & Feedback

We welcome feedback to assist us to continuously improve the quality of teaching, administrative and support services

Complaints & Feedback

To access the Complaint Form and submit your complaint, please take a moment to read the following points and check all the boxes to confirm you have read the information:

In most cases students should first attempt to resolve a matter at the local level, directly with the relevant organisational unit. If you have not attempted local resolution you may be requested to do so before your complaint will be considered.
Note: In some cases there may be time frames in which you are required to seek local resolution, e.g. students have up to ten (10) working days to request for a recheck of marks after the publication of results for the assessed item. In exceptional circumstances the University may allow a longer period.

You should submit your complaint within a reasonable timeframe. For some academic matters such as results, assessment, and special consideration, you are expected to submit a complaint within 21 working days.

You are encouraged to be familiar with the University’s reasonableness requirements and expectations in relation to submitting complaints.

Students whose complaints involve allegations of discrimination, bullying or sexual harassment, are strongly advised to read the sensitive issues section of the complaints management guidelines. This is to ensure that you access the correct advice on options available to you.

For a full understanding of the complaints management process, you can access the guidelines here.

Once you read and check the above boxes you can access the complaint form.

Compliments and Suggestions

Should you wish to provide the University with a compliment or suggestion, we encourage you to submit your feedback. Thank you for taking the time to provide the University with feedback.

Information for Students

If you are seeking for more information on Complaints, Reviews, Appeals & Misconduct, please click this link:
CRAM Information Kit

Information for Staff

If you are a staff member who is seeking more information on Complaints,Reviews, Appeals & Misconduct, please refer to our CRAM page.