Laboratory for Assessing Ethical and Trustworthy AI in Practice


The Laboratory for Ethical and Trustworthy AI in Practice at the Swinburne University of Technology Sarawak Campus is an interdisciplinary and international research community to evaluate and discuss the mindful use of artificial intelligence (#MUAI) as part of the Z-Inspection® Initiative. The Lab connects academia, industry, and the community, including developers of AI solutions, students, end-users, researchers, and stakeholders, offering the possibility of training and doing research.

The Lab intends to encourage debate and reflection on the responsible use of Artificial Intelligence, acting as a meeting place for the international community, such as the Z-Inspection® assessment method for Trustworthy AI and its affiliated labs. The Z-Inspection® approach is a validated assessment method that helps organizations deliver ethically sustainable, evidence-based, trustworthy, and user-friendly AI-driven solutions. The method is published in IEEE Transactions on Technology and Society. 

Z-Inspection®  is distributed under the terms and conditions of the Creative Commons (Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike CC BY-NC-SA) license.

Our Team

Prof Lau Bee Theng +6082260686
Dr. Bertha Chin Lu Phin +6082260925
Dr. Xavier Chee Wezen +6082260049
Dr. Mark Tee Kit Tsun +6082260951
Professor Lu Guoxing +61392148669
Professor Enzo Palombo +61392148571


Our Advisor

 Professor Roberto V. Zicari  



Quick Introduction to the Z-Inspection® Process

The Ethics of Artificial Intelligence (AI)

Ethical Implication of AI: Assessing Trustworthy AI in Practice This course will help students assess Trustworthy AI systems in practice using the Z-Inspection® process.


Three new labs added to Z-Inspection
Trustworthy AI Lab at the Graduate School of Data Science, Seoul National University (South Korea) Heejin Kim,

Trustworthy AI for healthcare Lab, Tampere University (Finland) Pedro A. Moreno-Sanchez, ​

Trustworthy AI in Healthcare Lab at the QUEST Centre for Responsible Research (Berlin Institute of Health at Charité (BIH) (Germany) Vince I. Madai,

Z-Inspection® is listed in the new OECD Catalogue of AI Tools & Metrics