Apply Leave of Absence

Apply Leave of Absence for your study.

Apply Leave of Absence

You can apply for a leave of absence if you want to take a time off from study for maximum of 2 semesters or one year. If you want to take leave of absence more than one year, or to extend your current leave of absence, must provide a valid reason with supporting document and the approval is not automatic.

How do I apply?

Students who have accepted their offer and registered who would like to apply to take a Leave of Absence (LOA) need to submit Leave of Absence Application form before the census date. A reason is mandatory when applying for Leave of Absence.

If you are a current student registering, you will need to register as per usual, then submit an application for Leave of Absence, as it is not automatically granted.

Avoiding fees and penalties

All applications received after the census date will be subject to financial liability and academic penalties

To check the census date and academic penalty dates for your units, please refer to current registration online in academic calendar.

What you need to know

  • Application outcome notifications will only be emailed to a Swinburne student email address
  • Any application to extend a Leave of Absence must be submitted and approved before the end date of the initial Leave of Absence
  • All applications must be completed to be considered.

Criteria for Leave of Absence

The University will consider the following when making a decision on applications:

  • maximum duration requirement
  • scholarship requirements
  • regulatory requirements
  • reason provided
  • supporting documentation
  • whether the student has any outstanding fees.

International students

International students must NOT remain in Malaysia while taking LOA

If you are an international student on a Student Visa, you must have compassionate or compelling reasons to be granted Leave of Absence.

International students applying for Leave of Absence must attach documentary evidence e.g. medical certificate, counsellor’s letter or a statutory declaration.

International Student Officers are available to discuss your options when applying for a Leave of Absence. They are located at Student HQ.

Returning from LOA before current student pass/visa expiry:

An Immigration Exit Stamp is required to be submitted with your LOA application. Visa Unit will only endorse your application once there is proof that you have exited Malaysia.

Returning from LOA after current student pass/visa expiry:

You must have your student pass/visa cancelled and obtain Check Out Memo from immigration if you return from LOA after you current pass expiry. New eVAL/VAL application will be required before you return to campus to continue your studies