At Risk


At Risk

If you don’t achieve satisfactory academic progress at the end of a progress review period, you will be sent a warning email advising that you are at risk of being excluded from your course.

Swinburne strongly recommends that you talk to your faculty transition and advancement specialist or seek other help if this happens.

Why would I receive an At Risk notice?

  • You fail 50% or more of your enrolled units, credit points or scheduled hours in any one Progress Review Period (this includes WF Withdraw after census date); and/or
  • You fail an enrolled unit of study (or equivalent) for a second time

What to do if At Risk

We encourage you to access as many of our free support and advocacy services as possible. The Student Development and Counselling webpage lists a range of academic support and general support services available.

Do we have your current address?

It is vital that the university has your current semester postal address as we may send you important correspondence that you need to act on. We also send notices to your Swinburne student email address which you are required to check regularly, even during semester breaks.

Failing to update your semester postal address or check your Swinburne student email will not be considered an acceptable excuse for failing to respond to a request from Swinburne, for example to submit a submission or attend a hearing.

To update your address details, go to Student Records