How to Submit Work

Learn how to submit your work online or in-person

How to Submit Work

How you submit your assessment items can vary from unit to unit. Always check with your unit convenor.

Hard-copy submissions

If you’re submitting your work in hard copy, you will need to attach the official, signed Swinburne cover sheet.

Download the assessment cover sheet (.pdf)  

Download the assessment cover sheet (.docx)

Electronic submissions

You can submit your assessment electronically via the Canvas assessment submission system, which integrates with the Turnitin plagiarism prevention service. With all submissions, you need to have read and agreed to the assessment declaration.

Turnitin is an online text-matching software that compares electronically submitted papers to billions of web pages, proprietary databases and the work of other students. The software is currently used by thousands of universities in Australia and internationally. In addition to providing a platform for submitting work electronically, Turnitin is used in the following ways:

  • Staff and students can use Turnitin to review submissions for citation and paraphrasing
  • Teaching staff may use Turnitin to help identify plagiarism or inadequate citations.