Renewing your student visa

If your current student visa is due to expire and you plan to extend your current course, you will need to renew your student visa before it expires. Find out how over here.

Renewing your student visa

All international students must hold a valid student visa to study at Swinburne Sarawak. A student visa allows you to study full-time and multiple entry into Malaysia. It is very important that you read all the information on this page and follow the steps described here exactly.


Why do you need to renew your student visa / pass?

Renewing your visa/pass is your responsibility. A Malaysian Student Visa/Pass must be renewed before the expiry date. There are penalties applied if you overstay so, make sure you renew your visa/pass through the International Student Services at least 14 days before the expiry date. While The Malaysia Immigration Department issues and regulates the passes, the International Student Services will assist you to renew your visa / pass.

Malaysia Immigration Laws & Regulations

Renewal of student pass is subjected to conditions as stated below:

  • CGPA above 2.00​
  • Covered by Insurance​
  • Attendance 80% and above​
  • Enrolled in the current semester / in-coming semester​
  • Minimum 1 year passport validity​

Violation of Student Pass:

  • Poor attendance record​
  • CGPA below 2.00​
  • Failed to give any notice to International Student Support about his / her failure to enrolled in the current semester​
  • Unable to cover cost of daily living expenses / studies​
  • Mentally or physically unfit to resume studies​
  • Violates the University’s General Misconduct Regulations​
  • Any convictions by the Malaysian authority, students will be handed over to the said authority​

Submission Processes

  • Fill in the IM.55 and email to iss@swinburne.edu.my
  • Bring the original passport
  • Cash money for the fees(as indicated on your visa/pass)
  • Submit all the required documents to Student Information Center

Changes of program details

Document(s) required:

  • IM.55 Form
  • IM.38 Form
  • IM.14 Form
  • Latest Health Examination Report
  • 5 passport sized photos
  • Personal bond stamping fee – RM10

Change of student’s name in student visa

Document(s) required:

  • IM.55 Form
  • IM.38 Form
  • IM.14 Form
  • 5 passport sized photos
  • Formal supporting document pertaining to official name change

Important Notes:

  • You can find these forms in the Student Forms page under Visa Unit tab.
  • The process will take 14 working days. Please ensure you submit your application at least 3 weeks before your Student Visa/Pass expired.

Head over to the Students Forms page to find the related forms.