Student Records


Student Records


In accordance with the Privacy Policy, Swinburne can confirm personal and subject/course details only to yourself and appropriate staff members. Another person may act on your behalf, but only if you provide them with written permission to do so. If you require proof of your enrolment for any other reason, you may submit an Application for Status Letter

If you are enquiring in person, about your address, enrolment, or subject details, you must present your student ID card for identification. If you are enquiring over the telephone, an ID check will be conducted.

Changing my Personal or Academic Details

Change to Personal Details

Current and former students may update their personal details by completing the Amendment to Personal Details Form available at Student Forms web page. Students may amend the following personal details:

  • Addresses – postal and permanent home residence
  • Telephone contact numbers
  • E-mail address
  • Emergency contact details
  • Other personal details

You may submit your application through student webmail or in person to Student Information Centre.

Change of Academic Details

Application to Amend Enrolment

  • To change units or a component of the current program (Add/Drop subject)

Application for Leave of Absence

  • To apply leave for a maximum of one academic year

Withdrawal from Course Application

  • To be filled by current students who wish to withdraw from program 

You may submit your application through e-mail or in person to Student Information Centre.

For further information please also refer to the Policies and Regulations Directory.