Evaluation Services

A series of surveys of various aims was implemented contributing towards quality assurance and future development process for the University.

Evaluation Services

What we do

During your time at Swinburne, you will be asked to complete several number of surveys. These are used to measure how we are doing across different areas and to get suggestions from you on how we can improve. Each survey has a particular focus: from specific units to support services. Therefore, by giving constructive and detailed feedback means we are more likely able to use it to make positive changes. We are more than welcome if you can offer suggestions for more improvement.

How to provide feedback

  • Be clear, descriptive, direct and specific — You would have to explain in details of what you like or don’t like in each particular survey. For example, telling the teacher that their work needs improvement. With this feedback, this will build awareness thus the teacher in hand will be able to enhance their quality of teaching and material wise.
  • Be polite — Honesty is important, but there’s no need to be unkind. Receiving negative comments are upsetting and hurtful. Feedbacks are meant to build and improve yourself. Clarity and direct comments regarding the manner of teaching are encouraged. Other unnecessary comments should be avoided.
  • Offer suggestions — Proposing ideas or suggestions to improve in any given situations.
  • Give praise when its due — Acknowledge the teacher is a good way to reassure them that they did a good job.