Student Reviews & Appeals

Student Reviews & Appeals

Reviews and Appeals Framework

The Reviews and Appeals Regulations 2012 govern the way students may apply for a Review of, or Appeal, a University decision relating to academic and student affairs.

The People, Culture and Integrity Policy further details how the University will process applications for Review and Appeal. The policy encourages students to pursue the local and formal resolution processes set out in that policy before taking the next step and applying for a Review of a University decision. Please also refer to the Complaints and Feedback website to determine the best avenue to have your matter heard and resolved.

The regulations identify that only certain University decisions can be subject to Review, then Appeal. The application forms in the sections below are accompanied by instructions to help you understand what a ‘reviewable decision’ is should you wish to apply for a Review, and what grounds of Appeal are available should you wish to apply for an Appeal.

As a student you also have a right to request an Appeal be undertaken by certain external agencies of University decisions. These agencies and the relevant decisions that they can Review are identified at External Appeal and Resources.