Become an Employer Partner


Become an Employer Partner

About Our Services

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Thank you for your interest in partnering with us. Become an employer partner now.

Finding the right employees for your unique organisational needs can be a resource intensive and competitive process. The Employability team can connect you with our talented students and recent graduates, who bring a depth of knowledge, skills and the flexibility to adapt to the changing world of work.

Whether you want to enhance your brand awareness, promote opportunities to distinct disciplines, or explore new and creative ways to find talent, we’re here to help.

Our Employer Partners in the Industry Awards

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The Employability Team will share the career opportunities in Facebook page and internal student learning management system as well as inform the faculties, and student clubs and societies. Advertise your opportunity.

Recommended points to cover in a job advertisement

  • Job Title
  • Summary of what the job entails
  • Employment term e.g. full-time, part-time or casual
  • Key responsibilities of the job
  • Selection criteria
  • Qualifications
  • Skills
  • Work Experience
  • Training opportunity (if any)
  • Location, office hours
  • Contact person and email address
  • Company website and contact details
  • Opportunities for international students
  • Salary range, advantages and benefits
  • Number of positions
  • Job application deadline

Employability Expert Series

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We welcome our Employer Partners to share industry best practices with our current students.

The employability expert series can be targeted to students from specific disciplines. The sessions are usually one hour in duration. Talk to our students.

Recommended points to cover in an employability expert series

  • Career paths
  • Best practices
  • Employment options
  • Selection process
  • Company overview
  • Essential employability skills
  • Application process and deadlines
  • Recent graduate experience within the company