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Troubleshoot database access

Find answers to common problems with logging into library databases.

Log in not working?

If you’re having trouble logging in, you might need your password reset:

If your password works for LibraryNet account but still doesn’t work for the library:

Do you have cookies disabled?

Many databases require cookies and Java to be enabled in your web browser. If they have not been enabled the database may not work at all, or may not work correctly.

You can enable cookies via your browser privacy settings.

Have you cleared your cache and cookies?

Clearing your cache and cookies can help resolve many browser functionality issues.

  • Cookies are files that store information on your site preferences. Clearing cookies can fix issues related to sign in.
  • The cache stores data from websites you visit so webpages will load faster. Clearing your cache can resolve issues related to pages not loading or displaying old page content.

For instructions see your browser support website

Are you unable to view PDFs?

All scanned articles and many database articles are only available in PDF (Portable Document Format). To view PDF files open them in your browser or download Adobe Reader

Is the full text not available?

Not all of our databases provide full text for every journal. If the full text is provided by another database you may be able to access it by selecting the full text button  and choosing from the list of databases that appears.

Are you using a workplace or ISP firewall?

Most workplace networks use firewalls, proxy servers and other security measures that may affect database access.

If you are blocked by a workplace or network firewall you will need to contact your network provider.


We cannot guarantee access from all remote computers due to variations in configuration and personal or network security software. However, we will do whatever we can to help you!

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