24-Hour Study Area

Register for 24-hour access to study at the Swinburne Sarawak Latelab.

Part of Block A library had converted in to 24-hour study area, whereby students can enter the area after library operating hours through a dedicated door by using their Swinburne ID card.

Your responsibilities

  • For security reasons you must leave the study area 2 hours before the library closes. You may then re-enter through the dedicated door using your Swinburne ID card.
  • Your Swinburne ID card is for your use only. Do not bring others in and do not prop the door open.
  • Respect other users by keeping noise to a minimum.
  • Keep the study area clean and tidy: use the bins provided.
  • Carry your Swinburne ID card with you. Security staff may ask you to leave if you don’t.
  • Go home if you get tired.  Sleeping in the study area may compromise your personal safety.


  • During normal opening hours you can ask library staff for assistance or contact us
  • In an emergency you can call Security (+6082 416 353 extension 8991)