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  • BioMed Central (Open Access) Full text peer-reviewed journals covering biology, medicine and health.
  • Ebook Central (ProQuest)Includes ebooks on most subjects, including science, education, health, business and management, politics, psychology, history, computing and engineering

  • Embase via OvidMajor biomedical and pharmacological database. Includes over 30 million abstracts and indices from more than 8,500 published, peer-reviewed journals. International biomedical literature from 1947 to the present day. Subject coverage: drug therapy and pharmacovigilance, clinical and experimental human medicine, biotechnology and biomedical engineering/instrumentation, health policy and management, public health, occupational health, environmental health, veterinary science, dentistry, nursing, psychiatry, forensic medicine, alternative and complementary medicine.

  • JoVE: Journal of visualized experimentsJoVE publishes peer-reviewed scientific video protocols. Subject coverage: biology, chemistry, neuroscience, medicine, immunology and infection, engineering and bioengineering and behaviour. The website also includes four of the JoVE science education video collections: general laboratory techniques, basic methods in cellular and molecular biology, essentials of neuroscience and essentials of analytical chemistry.

  • JoVE science education : essentials of analytical chemistryStreaming video collection introducing quantitative analysis and instrumentation including electrochemistry, spectroscopy, chromatograpy and mass spectrometry.
  • JoVE science education : essentials of biochemistryStreaming video collection presenting commonly used purification methods, such as affinity chromatography, as well as analytical methods, like MALDI-TOF. In addition, the videos showcase methods for assessing biomolecule interaction and function, such as co-immunoprecipitation and metabolic labeling.
  • JoVE science education : essentials of cell biologyStreaming video collection introducing the field of cell biology and profiling five important cellular phenomena: cell division, motility, endocytosis and exocytosis, metabolism and cell death.
  • JoVE science education : essentials of general chemistryStreaming video collection in general chemistry including basic lab techniques, commonly used equipment and exploration of the theory behind fundamental methodology in chemistry.
  • JoVE science education : essentials of inorganic chemistryStreaming video collection covering a range of inorganic chemistry protocols and concepts including air-free techniques, syntheses of transition metal based compounds, core inorganic chemistry concepts like Lewis Acid and Bases, and advanced analysis techniques including EPR spectroscopy.
  • JoVE science education : essentials of microbiologyStreaming video collection demonstrating the key tools of microbiological investigation, including proper sterile technique and plating, how to use selective media and enrich samples, and culturing methods for mixed or pure samples. It also covers common methods for identifying microbial isolates, and procedures for the genetic manipulation of bacteria.
  • JoVE science education : essentials of organic chemistryStreaming video collection in organic chemistry featuring techniques routinely used in the organic chemistry lab including regulating temperature and atmosphere during chemical reactions and post-reaction refinement.
  • JoVE science education : essentials of organic chemistry IIStreaming video collection covering the theory and reactions necessary to carry out syntheses on a more advanced level. In addition, a few videos introduce methods commonly used to analyze the reaction products such as infrared spectroscopy and polarimetry.
  • JoVE science education : general laboratory techniquesStreaming video collection covering how to use standard pieces of laboratory equipment essential in many experiments.
  • Morgan & Claypool Serve the global research and development communities in science and technology.

  • Oxford AcademicPublished by Oxford University Press that covers multidisciplinary subjects.

  • Oxford JournalsFull text journals published by Oxford University Press. Subject coverage: arts and humanities, social sciences, law, medicine and health, science and mathematics.

  • PubChem (Open Access)Provides information on the biological activities of small molecules. It includes substance information (more than 10 million records), compound structures (more than 5 million unique structures) and bioactivity data (more than 190 bioassays) in three searchable databases.

  • Royal Society of Chemical journalsFull text journals published by the Royal Society of Chemistry.

  • Sage journalsStrong coverage of social sciences, humanities and health sciences. Also covers life and biomedical sciences, materials science and engineering.
  • ScienceDirect (Elsevier)Subject coverage: life and health sciences, nursing, physical sciences and engineering, computer science, social sciences and humanities, psychology, business and management.Note: Accessible titles need to have a symbol of green key/ green notes.fig01

  • ScopusLeading database of peer-reviewed literature in life sciences, physical sciences, health sciences, social sciences and humanities.

  • Springer linkSubject coverage: life sciences, chemistry, physics and astronomy, engineering, environmental and geosciences, computing, mathematics, medicine and economics.

  • Wiley online libraryProvides full text access to journals, reference works, books, and databases published by Wiley in all the science disciplines.

  • World scientificWorld Scientific Publishing is a leading independent publisher of academic and professional books.