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  • Joanna Briggs Institute EBP databaseFull text database of evidence-based health care resources. Includes evidence-based recommended practices, evidence summaries, best practice information sheets, systematic reviews, consumer information sheets, systematic review protocols and technical reports.

  • JoVE: Journal of visualized experimentsJoVE publishes peer-reviewed scientific video protocols. Subject coverage: biology, chemistry, neuroscience, medicine, immunology and infection, engineering and bioengineering and behaviour. The website also includes four of the JoVE science education video collections: general laboratory techniques, basic methods in cellular and molecular biology, essentials of neuroscience and essentials of analytical chemistry.

  • JoVE science education : basic methods in cellular and molecular biologyStreaming video collection covering how to execute basic techniques commonly used in cellular and molecular biology
  • JoVE science education : essentials of analytical chemistryStreaming video collection introducing quantitative analysis and instrumentation including electrochemistry, spectroscopy, chromatograpy and mass spectrometry.
  • JoVE science education : essentials of biochemistryStreaming video collection presenting commonly used purification methods, such as affinity chromatography, as well as analytical methods, like MALDI-TOF. In addition, the videos showcase methods for assessing biomolecule interaction and function, such as co-immunoprecipitation and metabolic labeling.
  • JoVE science education : essentials of biomedical engineeringStreaming video collection introducing central concepts in biomedical engineering with a focus on imaging techniques to visualise and detect medical conditions, methods to quantify biomechanical strains and computational modeling to simulate blood flow.
  • JoVE science education : essentials of cell biologyStreaming video collection introducing the field of cell biology and profiling five important cellular phenomena: cell division, motility, endocytosis and exocytosis, metabolism and cell death.
  • JoVE science education : essentials of electrical engineeringStreaming video collection covering best safety practice for commonly used equipment in an electrical laboratory as well as introducing elements such as inductors, transformers, convertors, rectifiers and inverters.
  • JoVE science education : essentials of environmental microbiologyStreaming video collection providing an introduction to microbial communities in the environment and their roles in ecosystems. It also explores common methods used to study environmental microbiology.
  • JoVE science education : essentials of general chemistryStreaming video collection in general chemistry including basic lab techniques, commonly used equipment and exploration of the theory behind fundamental methodology in chemistry.
  • JoVE science education : essentials of inorganic chemistryStreaming video collection covering a range of inorganic chemistry protocols and concepts including air-free techniques, syntheses of transition metal based compounds, core inorganic chemistry concepts like Lewis Acid and Bases, and advanced analysis techniques including EPR spectroscopy.
  • JoVE science education : essentials of materials engineeringStreaming video collection featuring cutting edge methods for analysis and characterisation of materials and introducing a range of advanced materials and processes for new technologies and applications.
  • JoVE science education : essentials of mechanical engineeringStreaming video collection introducing a range of concepts that are essential for understanding and designing mechanical systems. Each video examines a specific topic and describes fundamental analytical methods commonly employed to understand physical behaviours.
  • JoVE science education : essentials of microbiologyStreaming video collection demonstrating the key tools of microbiological investigation, including proper sterile technique and plating, how to use selective media and enrich samples, and culturing methods for mixed or pure samples. It also covers common methods for identifying microbial isolates, and procedures for the genetic manipulation of bacteria.
  • JoVE science education : essentials of neuroscienceStreaming video collection introducing the field of neuroscience and covering the five major branches of study: neurophysiology, neuroanatomy, cell and molecular neuroscience, behavioural neuroscience and developmental neuroscience.
  • JoVE science education : essentials of nursing skillsStreaming video collection demonstrating medication preparation and administration, safety checks, dosage calculations & common mistakes associated with improper medication administration.
  • JoVE science education : essentials of organic chemistryStreaming video collection in organic chemistry featuring techniques routinely used in the organic chemistry lab including regulating temperature and atmosphere during chemical reactions and post-reaction refinement.
  • JoVE science education : essentials of organic chemistry IIStreaming video collection covering the theory and reactions necessary to carry out syntheses on a more advanced level. In addition, a few videos introduce methods commonly used to analyze the reaction products such as infrared spectroscopy and polarimetry.
  • JoVE science education : essentials of sensation and perceptionStreaming video collection featuring a variety of procedures to study how the brain processes the complex sensory world and solves problems confronting conscious awareness and visual, tactile and auditory perception.
  • JoVE science education : essentials of structural engineeringStreaming video collection introducing fundamental concepts and protocols for material characterisation, with specific emphasis on common construction materials such as steel, wood and concrete.
  • JoVE science education : general laboratory techniquesStreaming video collection covering how to use standard pieces of laboratory equipment essential in many experiments.
  • JoVE science education : geneticsStreaming video collection which focuses on genetics and incorporates five broad subdisciplines: the genetics of individuals and populations, genetics and disease, gene expression, epigenetics, and genetic engineering.
  • J.Ross Publishing (IG Publishing)J. Ross publishing program focuses on books and multi-media services that address the real-world problems encountered by today’s business and technical professionals.

  • JSTORFull text database of journal back issues (past issues) and selected ebooks. Subject coverage: sciences and humanities, history, language and literature.