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Databases: S

  • SAE MobilusFull text technical papers and standards published by SAE International, an association of engineers and technical experts in the aerospace, automotive and commercial vehicle industries.

  • SAGE : science and geography education (Informit)Database of articles covering topics in Australian general science and geography. Includes linked full text.

  • Sage journalsFull text journals published by Sage Publications. Strong coverage of social sciences, humanities and health sciences. Also covers life and biomedical sciences, materials science and engineering.

  • Sage knowledgeEbook database of books published by Sage Publications. Subject coverage includes: social sciences and education, aged care and gerontology, anthropology, communication and media studies, criminology and criminal justice, economics, education, gender and sexuality studies, history, politics, psychology, social issues, social work and social policy, sociology, geography, earth and environmental sciences.

  • Sage research methodsA database of ebooks, journal articles and video that aims to help researchers design and conduct research projects, understand methods, identify new methods and write up results.

  • SCANfile (informit)Archive database (1978-2009) of material on management and public relations, research and development, science and technology.

  • Science database (ProQuest)Full text database. Subject coverage includes: general and applied science, materials science, engineering, computing, physics and astronomy, chemistry, biology, earth sciences, telecommunications and transportation.

  • ScienceDirect (Elsevier)Full text journals and ebooks published by Elsevier. Subject coverage: life and health sciences, nursing, physical sciences and engineering, computer science, social sciences and humanities, psychology, business and management.Note: Accessible titles need to have a symbol of green key/ green notes. fig01

  • ScopusLeading database of peer-reviewed literature in life sciences, physical sciences, health sciences, social sciences and humanities. Features include citation analysis of authors, journals, institutions and subject areas. Includes content from the databases Compendex (engineering), Embase (biomedicine and pharmacology) and 100% Medline coverage. Includes linked full text.fig01

  • Serials directory (EBSCOhost)Database of information about journals and magazines. Includes publisher addresses, publication dates, publication frequency, URLs and subject areas.

  • Serials in Australian libraries (Informit)Directory of journals held in Australian university, state, government, TAFE and public libraries.

  • Singapore/Malaysia collection : SMC (Informit)Archive database (1900-2007) of material relating to Singapore, Malaysia, Brunei and ASEAN (as an entity). Produced by the National University of Singapore Library.

  • Small Business (Gale)Full text database covering all aspects of small business. A subset of the Academic OneFile database.

  • Social science database (ProQuest)Full text database. Subject coverage includes: anthropology, communication, demography, economics, education, political science, policy studies, psychology, social work and sociology.

  • Social work abstracts (EBSCOhost)Database covering all aspects of social work and social issues, including theory and practice. Includes linked full text.

  • SocINDEX with full text (EBSCOhost)Full text sociology database. Subject coverage: social development, social psychology, social structure, social work, socio-cultural anthropology, sociological history and theory, criminology, demography, ethnic and gender studies, marriage and family, political sociology, religion, rural and urban sociology, substance abuse and violence.

  • Sociology database (ProQuest)Full text database. Subject coverage: sociology history and theory, social psychology, community and mental health services, crisis intervention, families and social welfare, gerontology, poverty and homelessness, professional issues in social work, substance abuse and addiction, social work education and practice, violence, abuse and neglect.

  • Something about the author (Gale)Full text database. Includes biographical information about authors and illustrators for children and young adults.

  • Springer linkFull text journals and ebooks published by Springer. Subject coverage: life sciences, chemistry, physics and astronomy, engineering, environmental and geosciences, computing, mathematics, medicine and economics.

  • Standards AustraliaThe SAI Global database includes the complete collection of Australian standards and a small number of selected ISO standards. Number of concurrent users: 4.

  • STREAMLINE : Australia’s natural resources database (Informit)Archive index (1982-2004) of material on natural resource management, land, vegetation and water resources.