Terms of use

Acceptable use for online resources

Acceptable use for online resources

When using online resources including databases, online journals and ebooks you must comply with:

  • The Copyright Act and any other legal requirements
  • Licence conditions that apply to any database or online resource

How can you use online resources?

It is usually permitted to:

  • print, save, or email a reasonable number of articles or a reasonable amount of other information
  • make and use a copy for your personal teaching, learning and research at Swinburne
  • share a copy with other staff and students at Swinburne
  • make a link to an article in a database

It is usually not permitted to:

  • make a large number of copies from the same journal or database
  • make multiple copies of the same article to use as class handouts or in coursepacks
  • do any sort of systematic copying such as making a copy of every article in an issue of an online journal or making a copy of an entire online book
  • make a copy for use outside Swinburne
  • use a resource for profit or commercial purposes
  • share a copy with people outside Swinburne
  • make an electronic copy of a database article and post it online without permission

Who can use a library database?

The databases and online resources listed in the library search and on the library website may be used by currently enrolled Swinburne students and staff to support teaching, learning and research at Swinburne.