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Discovery begins with putting natural curiosity into practice.

We understand scientific and technological knowledge is advancing fast, enabling us to better understand the world around us. That’s why we offer biotechnology at Swinburne Sarawak.

Our biotechnology course takes you on a journey of discovery and innovation. We provide the foundational knowledge and skills needed to put your natural curiosity into practice. We also place a strong emphasis on practical learning to give you a head start in your future career. You’ll also discover research as a strong course component, thanks to Swinburne’s extensive connections with national and international industries and researchers.

By the time you graduate, you’ll have the confidence and skills to apply your knowledge to the workplace.

A science course could lead to a future in biotechnology, pharmaceutical, medicine, biomedical technology, food processing and more.

Grace looks to change the world with science

For Grace, Biotech is her secret tool in her dreams of creating a more advanced future!

Maryanne Kuek Pei Wun

Choosing the right course and university is one of life's important decision as it determines your future career path and shapes your life. My decision to enroll into Swinburne has certainly been a very rewarding and enriching experience as I have developed personally and professionally in both academic and non-academic areas.

Maryanne Kuek Pei Wun

Bachelor of Science (Biotechnology)

Science courses

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