What to bring


What to bring

You should bring to your exam the following:

  • Your Student ID card
    If you do not have a Student ID card, visit the Student ID card website for details on how you can obtain one. (A current passport or current Malaysian driver’s license can also be used for identification.) Students without an ID card may not be eligible to sit an exam.
  • Allowable items (see table below)
  • Authorised items (see table below)

What is allowed/not allowed in your exam

Allowed Not allowed Authorised items

Standard writing materials.

Examination paper and supplied stationery.

Student ID card.

Electronic devices including mobile phones and smart watches.

Pencil cases.

Anything with writing or labels on it (you may be asked to remove labels from authorised items).


Notepaper or post-it notes.

Food and drink (other than specified below).

You may be authorisied to bring specific items to your exam e.g. calculator, text books or notes, as specified in your exam instructions.

You must check with your lecturer beforehand whether the exam is open or closed book and what items you are permitted to bring into the exam.

You will be asked to remove your conventional watch and place it on the exam desk next to your Student ID card.

Please note, as per university policy, all students are required to bring their own calculators, drawing instruments, writing materials and other specific equipment as authorised for the particular exam.

Food and drink

  • Clear or opaque water bottle with no writing or labels of any kind. The liquid must be transparent also.
  • A small amount of hard sweets or lollies in clear wrappers (e.g. barley sugars). They must have no writing on or near them and must not be disruptive to other students.

If you have unauthorised food or drink bottles on your desk the supervisor may inspect them and ask you to dispose of them.

Personal items

If you have any items that are not permitted to be with you in an exam, you must place them in your bag and under your chair, or as directed by the supervisor. Any items in your pockets must also be placed in your bag. Please check your pockets before the exam begins.

Mobile phones and smart watches

Your mobile phone must be switched off and placed in your bag under your chair, or in another location away from you, as directed by the exam supervisor. Your smart watch should be placed in your bag under your chair.

  • All mobile phones and smart watches must have alarms deactivated.
  • If your phone or watch is on or turns on to play an alarm you will be considered in misconduct. If in doubt, remove the battery and place it in your bag under your seat.
  • Under no circumstances are mobile phones or smart watches to be in your possession throughout the duration of your exam.