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  • A+ education (Informit) Full text database of Australian journals. Subject coverage: adult education, curricula, early childhood, primary, secondary and higher education, special education, educational theory and practice, public policy, school management.

  • Academic OneFile (Gale) Full text multidisciplinary database. Subject coverage includes: physical and life sciences, technology, medicine, social sciences, arts and humanities, business and management.

  • Academic search complete (EBSCOhost) Full text multidisciplinary database. Subject coverage includes: social sciences and humanities, philosophy, psychology, law, astronomy, engineering and technology, life, physical and environmental sciences, mathematics.

  • Anmol Publications Anmol Publications Pvt. Ltd., with its ever growing list of publication in almost all disciplines (Academic/Professional) has come to be recognized not merely as a publishing house but as an institution dedicated to the advancement of learning with a missionary zeal.
  • Australia/ NZ reference centre (EBSCOhost) Full text news database. Includes major Australian, New Zealand and international newspapers, AAP Australian national news wire and magazines.

  • Cambridge CoreFull text journals and ebooks published by Cambridge University Press covering a wide range of subject areas.

  • Credo referenceIncludes over 500 encyclopedias, dictionaries and biographies.

  • DOAJ : directory of open access journals. Full text open access scholarly journals in all subject areas.

  • Ebook Central (ProQuest)Ebook database. Ebooks on a wide range of subjects from a wide range of publishers.
  • ebook Collection (EBSCOhost)Ebook database. Ebooks on a wide range of subjects from a wide range of publishers.

  • EBSCOhostA major database platform of over 40 databases. Subject coverage includes business and industry, management and marketing, social sciences and humanities, communication and mass media, news and current affairs, education, science and health, nursing, engineering, computing and technology, design, film and television. Includes full text.
  • Education database (Proquest)Full text database. Subject coverage: primary, secondary and higher education, special education, adult education, home schooling and teacher education.
  • Education in VideoEvery student of education knows that reading about education theory in the abstract is a dramatically different experience than applying that knowledge in the classroom. Effective teaching delivery requires an in-depth understanding of expression, tone, body language, and other skills that can be difficult to glean from textbooks and theory alone.

  • Education research complete (EBSCOhost)Full text database. Subject coverage: all levels of education from early childhood to higher education, all educational specialties, curriculum instruction, administration, policy, funding and social issues.
  • Educators (Gale)Full text database. Subject coverage: educational technologies and developments, instruction and coaching, child health and development.
  • ERIC (EBSCOhost): Education Resource Information Center Database of the Educational Resources Information Center, sponsored by the United States Department of Education. Subject coverage: early childhood, primary, secondary and higher education, adult, vocational and special education, teacher education, tests, measurement and evaluation, education management and policy, teaching specialties including STEM, visual arts, social sciences, arts and humanities. Includes linked full text.
  • Gale databases (Gale Power Search) Major database platform of nearly 30 databases. Subject coverage includes: business, arts and humanities, literary criticism, nursing and health, law, communications and mass media, education and science. Includes full text.
  • General OneFile (Gale) Full text multidisciplinary database. Subject coverage includes: business and economics, computers and technology, education, science and health, arts and humanities, politics and social sciences.
  • Google Scholar (Open Access)Google Scholar searches peer-reviewed articles and papers across all areas of research. If you are off campus, you can access Swinburne Library collections through Google Scholar: Go to Settings > Library Links > search for Swinburne, select and save. Your results will now display a Full Text at Swinburne link for articles available to you.
  • Industrial PressIndustrial Press has been true to its tradition of publishing the best technical and reference books for Education and Industry.
  • InformitA major database platform of over 80 databases on Australian and Australasian topics. Subject coverage includes politics and economics, legal, social and cultural affairs, mass media, aboriginal issues, health, family, business, engineering, agriculture, flora and fauna and environmental science. Some databases include full text.
  • LinkedIn LearningA database of more than 13,000 training courses in streaming video format covering business, creative and technology. Includes Microsoft Office and topics in business, professional development, statistics, design, software, IT and web development, photography, video, audio and music, CAD, 3D and animation, education and e-learning. Videos include transcripts, captioning and use screenshots, narration, live action, smart boards, charts, graphics and audio. Previously known as Lynda.com.
  • LearnTechLibSubject coverage: research developments and applications on all aspects of educational technology. Formerly called EdITLib.
  • ProQuest central A major database platform of over 35 databases. Subject coverage includes: humanities, social sciences, education, health and medicine, science and technology, business and management.
  • ProQuest Professional EducationProQuest® Professional Education delivers more than 290 full-text K-12 professional magazines and journals that address all aspects of K-12 education, including all core and supplemental curricula subjects, information technology, library science, business and administration, guidance and careers, and much more.
  • Sage journalsFull text journals published by Sage Publications. Strong coverage of social sciences, humanities and health sciences. Also covers life and biomedical sciences, materials science and engineering.
  • Sage knowledge  Ebook database of books published by Sage Publications. Subject coverage includes: social sciences and education, aged care and gerontology, anthropology, communication and media studies, criminology and criminal justice, economics, education, gender and sexuality studies, history, politics, psychology, social issues, social work and social policy, sociology, geography, earth and environmental sciences.
  • Sage research methodsA database of ebooks, journal articles and video that aims to help researchers design and conduct research projects, understand methods, identify new methods and write up results.
  • ScienceDirect (Elsevier) Full text journals and ebooks published by Elsevier. Subject coverage: life and health sciences, nursing, physical sciences and engineering, computer science, social sciences and humanities, psychology, business and management.Note: Accessible titles need to have a symbol of green key/ green notes. 
  • Swinburne Commons (Open Access) Swinburne Commons is a database of digital media produced at Swinburne, primarily video and audio. It includes teaching and research material created by the Swinburne community, graduation videos, archival material and TV recordings. Open access resources are also available via iTunes U and YouTube.
  • Swinburne Research Bank (Open Access) Swinburne Research Bank is an open access database of publications authored by Swinburne researchers. Includes journal articles, conference papers, book chapters, reports, working papers, higher-degree theses and more.
  • Taylor & Francis ebooksIncludes all titles formerly included in CRCnetBASE. Subject coverage: engineering and technology, mathematics and statistics, chemistry, food science, computer science and information technology, physical, life, earth, environmental and health sciences, nursing and behavioural sciences.
  • Taylor & Francis Online Full text journals published by Taylor & Francis, Routledge, Psychology Press and Informa Healthcare. Subject coverage includes arts and humanities, psychology, social sciences, business and economics, health sciences, and all science disciplines. 
  • Vocation, Careers & Technical Education Collection (Gale) Finding the right career can be a daunting task: finding an appropriate institution of learning, job searching, and maintaining a career are all topics covered by this collection, providing current and applicable content for all vocational milestones.
  • VitalSource Bookshelf eBooks platform that allows you to access course materials whenever and wherever you choose by using your laptop, desktop or mobile device fig01
  • VOCED Vocational Education and Training Database is a database of information on research into vocational education and training.  
  • Wiley online libraryProvides full text access to journals, reference works, books, and databases published by Wiley in all the science disciplines.
  • World scientificWorld Scientific Publishing is a leading independent publisher of academic and professional books.