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Postgraduate programs by coursework

Our master programs are tailored to give you the specialized knowledge and skills you need in order to advance in your career. Whether you’re looking to upskill, further your career or change it entirely, our master programs ensure you will get the best next step in your professional life or prepare you for entering a new workforce.

Some of our master degrees are offered in nested suites with the relevant graduate certificate and graduate diploma. This allows you to exit the program at any time should you need to, provided you have completed four units in order to achieve a graduate certificate. You can also exit after eight units with a graduate diploma, or complete all 12 units and graduate with a master. Some master degrees come with more units but those same exit points usually apply.

Master by coursework

A Master by Coursework degree provides an in-depth overview and theoretical analysis of specific field of study or professional practice. It’s the final step for anyone who has completed their graduate certificates and graduate diplomas.

Graduate diploma 

A graduate diploma is the second stage of a master degree that focuses primarily on learning additional professional skills, critical analysis, theory and practice. These courses are designed for people looking to learn new skills, or as recognition for anyone without a formal qualification.

Graduate certificate 

An entry-level postgraduate qualification, this is usually the first step in a master degree. A graduate certificate is best suited for recent graduates of degree courses or professional workers. The difference between a graduate certificate and a graduate diploma is usually the length of study and the depth of specialist knowledge covered.

Emily Fong

Knowledge gained throughout the Master of Construction Management course helped improved my analytical and critical thinking skills. This is useful in solving issues at the construction site. In applying that knowledge, my management of people, resources and tasks have become more efficient.

Emily Fong, Malaysia

Studying construction management

Postgraduate programs

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