Master by Research

Find out about our Master by Research which is international and interdisciplinary.

Master by Research

A Master by Research degree requires you to demonstrate mastery of inquiry in a field of a discipline or profession. You will undertake supervised research and write a thesis equivalent to 50,000 – 60,000 words. The degree is conferred by Swinburne Melbourne.

A Master by Research candidate is expected to:

  • plan, conduct and complete a research project or program
  • understand relevant techniques in the field demonstrated both by your comprehensive review of the literature and by your research processes
  • access and interpret key data in relevant fields
  • present outcomes clearly and logically using relevant media.

Entry requirements

You must have completed a three-year degree with a minimum average of 65% in the final year units of study.

You will also need to check the specific entry requirements for your program.

English language requirements

Candidates must meet one of the following requirements:

  • obtain a minimum IELTS overall band of 6.5 (Academic Module) with no individual band below 6.0 or a TOEFL iBT (Internet-based) minimum score of 79 (with a reading band no less than 18 and writing band no less than 20); or Pearson (PTE) 58 (no communicative skills less than 50) no longer than 24 months before submitting your application
  • successfully complete a total of 24 months (full time equivalent) of formal study where the language of instruction and assessment was English at AQF level 7 or above (or equivalent) at an approved university no longer than 60 months before submitting your application.


Available Master Projects

Swinburne Sarawak also offers specific Masters which are aligned with existing research projects.

Healthcare and Well-being Innovations

DisciplinePrincipal InvestigatorProgramTitle/Topic
ICTDr. Mark Tee Kit TsunMastersAn Active Exercise Interaction Model Based on Real-Time Motion Capture to Reinforce Physiotherapy for Stroke Survivors
ICTProf. Lau Bee ThengMScImpacts of ICT in skills and competencies, wellbeing and health on Children and Youth
ICTProf. Lau Bee ThengPhD/MScOntology of Natural Scene Categorization Using Information Fusion and Knowledge Transfer Based Machine Learning
ICTProf. Lau Bee ThengPhD/MScDevelopment of a depression screening tool for primary healthcare settings using image and vocal data
ICTProf. Lau Bee ThengPhD/MScDevelopment of a device to detect distress in an aged care facility using sound
EEDr. Lisa YongMEngAnalysis and simulation of suitable wireless system for deployment in selected rural regions

IoT, Analytics and Optimization

DisciplinePrincipal InvestigatorProgramTitle/Topic
MechanicalDr. Soon Kok HengMEngComputational Simulation of Contaminant Deposition on the Hard Disk Platter
ICTProf. Sim Kwan YongPhD/MScMetamorphic Time-Series Forecasting
ICTProf. Sim Kwan YongPhD/MScAutonomous Error Detection and Trapping in Blockchain
ICTProf. Sim Kwan YongPhD/MScUsage Log Mining for Software Fault Discovery
MathDr. Lee Ming HaPhD/MScCombined double sampling and variable sampling interval attributes control chart
MathDr. Lee Ming HaPhD/MScThe design of the run length distribution of the t chart with estimated process parameter
EEDr. Hadi Nabipour AfrouziMEngModelling and analyzing of partial discharge phenomenon within stator bar insulator using finite element method

Rural and Urban Development

DisciplinePrincipal InvestigatorProgramTitle/Topic
CivilDr. Chin Mei YunMEngProperties of Recycled Plastic Waste as Fine Aggregates and Organic Waste as Normal Aggregates in High Volume Fly Ash Concrete

Smart Agriculture and Sustainable Environments

DisciplinePrincipal InvestigatorProgramTitle/Topic
Mechanical / MaterialsDr. Soon Kok HengPhD/MEngProcessability, microstructure, and properties of wood-polymer composites with chemical treatment, coupling agent, and processing aid
 Dr. Soon Kok HengPhD/MEngLong-term performance of wood polymer composites
 Dr. Soon Kok HengPhD/MEngMultiscale natural fibre composites with nanoparticles infusion
 Dr. Soon Kok HengPhD/MEngEnhancement of Acacia Mangium wood chemical and physical treatments
Mechanical / MaterialsDr. Soon Kok HengPhD/MEngExperimental and numerical modelling of mechanical properties of natural fibre composites
Mechanical / MaterialsDr. Chung Ping PingMastersExtraction and characterisation of nanocrystalline cellulose from agricultural wastes, and its utilisation in forming biodegradable plastic composites
ScienceDr. Tan Lee Tung (Daniel)PhD/MScBiofertiliser development for forestry
ScienceTs. Dr Irine Runnie GinjomPhD/MScUtilization of fruit and vegetable waste and by-products

Sustainable and Clean Energy

DisciplinePrincipal InvestigatorProgramTitle/Topic
ChemicalProf. Jaka SunarsoMEngReuse of oil palm plantation wastes in the synthesis of magnetic biochar composite for contaminant immobilization from wastewater
ChemicalProf. Jaka SunarsoMEngSynthesis and characterisation of polystyrene waste-based polymeric membranes
ChemicalProf. Jaka SunarsoPhD/MScHigh purity lignin extraction from lignocellulosic biomass using low-transition-temperature mixtures (LTTMs): A source of lignin valorization

CSR & Sustainability

Key Reseacher(s)Student AssignedTitle/Topic
Dr. Fung Chorng YuanMastersThe Influence of Corporate Social Responsibility Information on graduates’ employment seeking intention
Dr. Ling Chui ChingMaster & PhDCSR and Sustainability Initiatives by Listed Companies in Malaysia
Dr. Tan Vie MingMaster & PhDStakeholder engagement in sustainability reporting by Malaysian companies
Dr. Jee Teck Weng (Jeffrey)Master & PhDPerception and factors affecting adoption of green innovation practices among SMEs in Malaysia
Dr. Yii Kwang JingMaster & PhDGreen banking and environmental sustainability
Dr. Yii Kwang JingMaster & PhDThe antecedents and consequences of renewable energy consumption, production and efficiency.

Tourism, Hospitality and Destination Marketing

Key Reseacher(s)Student AssignedTitle/Topic
Dr. Jee Teck Weng (Jeffrey)Master & PhDDestination branding and management through the lense of social media posting and e-marketing mastery
Dr. Jee Teck Weng (Jeffrey)Master & PhDDestination marketing or tourism marketing?: Blended tourism model

Human Resource Innovation

Key Reseacher(s)Student AssignedTitle/Topic
Dr. Voon Mung LingPhD/MastersHuman Resource and Leadership Practices in Malaysian and Australian Organisations
Dr. Bibiana Lim Chiu YiongPhD/MastersComparative study on employees’ perceptions of smart technology and artificial intelligence in the workplace
Dr. Voon Mung LingPhD/MastersModerators/mediators of relationship between deviant behaviours and employment outcomes

Women’s Empowerment

Key Reseacher(s)Student AssignedTitle/Topic

Prof. Ida Fatimawati bt Adi Badiozaman
Dr. Voon Mung Ling

NAEmpowering women entrepreneurs in Dalat, Sarawak through tourism entrepreneurship
Prof. Ida Fatimawati bt Adi Badiozaman
Dr. Voon Mung Ling
NAWomen Leadership roles in enhancing tourism entrepreneurship in Dalat, Sarawak

Business Innovation

Key Reseacher(s)Student AssignedTitle/Topic
Dr. Bertha ChinMastersUtilising augmented reality in museum or art exhibitions for audience engagement
Dr. Rodney Lim Thiam HockPhD/Masters
  1. Serious leisure as contexts for business venturing
  2. Micro-entrepreneurship and innovation
Dr. Fung Chorng YuanMaster
  1. e-Commerce readiness of SMEs in Sarawak
  2. Remote working, organisational support and employees job satisfaction during the pandemic
  3. An investigation of the impact of digital transformation on organisational culture
  4. An investigation of the digital organisational culture of SMEs

Education Research

ClusterKey Reseacher(s)Student AssignedTitle/Topic
Scholarship of Teaching and LearningProf. Ida Fatimawati bt Adi BadiozamanMasters/PhDTracking the student lifecycle. Student Engagement – engagement in retention modelling as a key parameter
Scholarship of Teaching and LearningHugh LeongNAPredicting student retention through data analytics
Scholarship of Teaching and LearningProfessor Ida Fatimawati Adi BadiozamanDr Voon Mung LingIr. Dr. Adeline Ng Ling YingMasters/PhDHybrid Learning Challenges:

Unfolding Students’ Experience During Covid Times And Ways Forward

Scholarship of Teaching and Learning

Dr Fung Chorng Yuan

Hugh Leong

Masters/PhDEmbracing blended learning in Malaysian higher education: students’ skills, engagement and outcomes
Education & TechnologyAugustus Raymond SegarNAInteractive Documentary of Melanau cultural heritage preservation
STEMDr. Chong Kok HingNAAssessments of the Impacts of Low-End High Immersion Virtual Reality Head-Mounted Display Towards Deep Learning in Fluid Mechanics